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BigRoad Mobile App Updates

Female truck driver using the BigRoad Mobile App on phoneIn the BigRoad Mobile App update that we’re in the process of rolling out now, we’ve made some changes to how you access your daily logs and where you go to make updates. Read this blog post to see how these changes will make logging your hours-of-service (HOS) even easier!

Changes to Daily Logs and Log Editing
This update will help you address violation warnings faster and prepare your device for future feature updates including the ability to claim unidentified driving and review of carrier log edit suggestions. Watch the video below to see the changes:

We’ve added a new screen that shows your last 14 log days in a list. This list can be filtered to show you: all of your log days and days with violation warnings. This allows you to quickly spot days with issues that require your attention. 

New BigRoad Mobile App View Logs Screen

Accessing Past Log Days – Previous App Versions
In previous versions of the app, if you wanted to view a log from days past, you’d have to continuously hit the back arrow until you landed on the day you wanted to view.

BigRoad Mobile App - Daily Logs - Older App Version of Screen

Accessing Past Log Days – New App Update

In our new version, we’ve provided a quicker way for you to access your logs. You’re now able to see all of your recent logs on one screen! This allows for easy access to any day you want to review or edit.

BigRoad Mobile App - Daily Logs - New Screen View

Violation Warning Screen
Additionally, this new list can be filtered to show you only the days that have issues you need to review or fix. 

BigRoad Mobile App - Daily Log Screen - Showing Violation Warnings

Need Help? Have Questions?
We hope that you find this update helpful and it makes logging using the BigRoad Mobile App easier. Stay tuned for more exciting news and features. If you have any questions or require assistance, please connect with our Support Team by calling 1-888-305-8777 x1 or email [email protected].