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BigRoad Launches BigRoad Freight

BigRoad is putting you back in the driver’s seat with the launch BigRoad Freight! This industry changing offering gives you the ability to book the loads from within the BigRoad Mobile App while providing hours-of-service (HOS) visibility and quick payment.

BigRoad Freight

 Who Can Join BigRoad Freight?
BigRoad Freight is the first load matching platform built within an electronic logbook (eLog) application. BigRoad Freight uses your typical routes, GPS coordinates, and available drive time to recommend loads via push notification. You no longer have to spend hours searching through load boards or dealing with brokers – the work is already done for you! 

BigRoad Freight Push Notification

Who Can Join BigRoad Freight? 

BigRoad Freight is open to both drivers and fleets. Sign-up online by filling out our application form. Once submitted, we’ll contact you within 24-48 hours to review and approve your application. There is no cost to participate!  

Get Load Suggestions

Once you’ve been approved, you’ll start receiving suggested loads via push notification within the BigRoad Mobile App. Loads will be suggested based on your typical routes, GPS coordinates, and available drive time. 

Trip Details in BigRoad Freight

Review Load Details

Tap the push notification to open the load details page. Here you will see the broker who posted the load, how much the load pays, trip details including pick-up date/time and drop-off date/time, how accepting the load will change your route, how it will impact your hours-of-service, and a map.

Below this, you will see information about the load itself. This includes packaging, dimensions, and special care instructions.

Accept the Load

If everything looks good, you simply tap the green ACCEPT button at the bottom to accept the load. You can also reject the load by clicking the REJECT button. If you reject the load, you will be asked a few questions about why your rejected this. This information helps us improve our program and ensure we’re offering loads that make sense for drivers.

Get Paid Quickly

On the next screen, you’re shown the payment details. By default, you’ll be paid in 30 days. If you want to get paid quicker (within 3-5 days), you can opt-in for a small fee. This is entirely up to you.

Why Should You Join?
BigRoad Freight - The Loads You Want When You Want ThemGet more loads, make more money, and maximize your available drive time! BigRoad Freight puts you back in the driver’s seat by allowing you to choose the loads you want, when you want 24/7 from your mobile device. Plus, the payout is displayed upfront – so what you see, is what you get paidBigRoad Freight also provides you with hours-of-service visibility, which removes the guesswork out of HOS compliance by displaying how each load will affect your available drive time.

Ready to Keep More Money in Your Pocket?

Of course you are! Get back into the driver’s seat by choosing the loads you want, when you want them while seeing how they’ll affect your available drive time. Even better, it’s free to join! Click the button below to sign up.