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BigRoad is Perfect for Driveaway Companies – Q&A Part 2 of 4

As a part of our effort to answer every single question asked during our live webinar on roadside inspection practices, here is the next installment. You can see the first part and watch a recording of our CVSA webinar here. Have any more questions or comments for us? Leave your comment below the post or email [email protected] for help.

Q: Why do devices like Qualcomm not have to carry printers?

A: AOBRD devices fall under a different set of regulations than paper logs.

A few AOBRD needs: to connect directly to the engine, have a light to display when it’s in order and out of order, and have an instructional card.

A few requirements for paper logs and equivalents: Be kept by driver, signed, able to produce paper copies on request.

Q: Can I audit my drivers for compliance without viewing every day’s log?

A: You can look on the roadside risk dashboard and see which days have violation warnings. This will give you more information about whether or not you need to be concerned about any specific days. As you get the hang of it, you’ll know what will suit your needs best.

Q: Restart 70-hour clock, sometimes there are 2 periods of possible restarts in a 7 day period, is there a method in place to choose which is your restart?

A: We’ll have a feature for this in the future. We have plans to develop one. For now, you can rule out the one you don’t want by adding in a few minutes of On Duty time in the middle of it. Otherwise, the app will give you your reset as soon as you qualify.

Q: I run a driveway company and cannot connect to the truck because we do not own them therefore are e-logs acceptable by being imputed manually?

A: The BigRoad app runs on your phone or tablet and does not connect to the engine of the truck. It’s perfect for driveaway companies because you can hop from truck to truck. You just open up the app and click “Switch Truck” to select or add a different truck name.

There are only a few BigRoad users who have a special engine-connected option. We’ll have more soon when the dashlink we’re working on is released, but they are the exception. For almost all users, BigRoad just runs on the phone or tablet, works like paper logs, and you print your logs using a mobile printer if an inspector asks you to. Nice and easy for you!

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