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BigRoad Goes “North of 60”

northof60.jpgThe latest android version of BigRoad has just hit the Google Play store. Make sure you update to version 4.2.1 to use the latest features and ensure you get the best possible experience from BigRoad.

Drivers operating in the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut will be happy with the addition of the “North of 60” Canadian hours of service rules. To select “North of 60” rules, select Settings > My Profile > Rules > Selected Cycle and from there you will be able to choose cycles for 80hr/7day or 120hr/14day. Please note that the “North of 60” rules has the same restrictions as the normal Canadian rules and we do not support deferral of daily off-duty time or Canadian split sleeper. We also don’t validate the requirements when switching between the north and south rules at this time.


There’s a host of other improvements to BigRoad; here’s what else you’ll find:

  • Changes to how violations are determined when using split sleeper
  • Improved daily log editing and log population
  • Updated Google maps API
  • New instant messaging options for fleet administrators
  • Further enhancements to DashLink performance

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