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BigRoad Freight – Live Product Demo

BigRoad Freight

Watch a short video presentation on BigRoad Freight and how it is used.

Freight visibility and new methods of shipment route planning and tracking are here! BigRoad Freight presents a way to not only bridge the shippers, brokers and drivers directly through a mobile app, but also incorporate hours-of-service into the equation to ensure ELD compliance at all times. 

Drivers can set up their own revenue per mile requirements, make their remaining HOS visible, and negotiate rates when a load request comes in. Take a look at the live product demo that will elaborate on the details!

Also, here are 3 reason why to start using BigRoad Freight.


Why Should You Join?

BigRoad Freight - The Loads You Want When You Want ThemGet more loads, make more money, and maximize your available drive time! BigRoad Freight puts you back in the driver’s seat by allowing you to choose the loads you want, when you want 24/7 from your mobile device. Plus, the payout is displayed upfront – so what you see, is what you get paidBigRoad Freight also provides you with hours-of-service visibility, which removes the guesswork out of HOS compliance by displaying how each load will affect your available drive time.

Ready to Keep More Money in Your Pocket?

Of course you are! Get back into the driver’s seat by choosing the loads you want, when you want them while seeing how they’ll affect your available drive time. Even better, it’s free to join! Click the button below to sign up.