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ASF Intermodal Selects BigRoad


BigRoad is excited to announce that ASF Intermodal has selected BigRoad’s DashLink electronic logging device (ELD) to achieve ELD mandate compliance. Their fleet of 500 owner-operators drove the decision, choosing the driver-friendly solution over the competition.

Selecting the Right ELD Provider

One of the most difficult parts of transitioning to electronic logging devices (ELDs) is ensuring that you’ve selected the right one! You’ve got the challenge of picking a solution that works for your drivers, just as well as it works for your office staff, while ensuring that the provider is reputable and can meet your needs.

During your research process, it’s really important to include these stakeholders to ensure that your transition is as smooth as possible. If your staff don’t like the solution, chances are they aren’t going to use it! At ASF Intermodal, getting driver buy-in was an extremely important aspect of selecting their solution and provider.

We were using an ELD solution from another provider until we discovered how expensive it would be to upgrade the hardware. They wanted us to pay upfront, which didn’t make sense for our fleet of owner-operators,” said Amanda Hall, Vice President of Safety at ASF Intermodal. “We value our drivers’ input, so we asked them to test different solutions and choose the one they liked best.

Testing Solutions

DashLink-DL-200.jpgOne of the best ways to see if a solution
is a fit for your fleet is to try it. Most reputable providers will allow you to try the product or provide you with a live online demonstration where you can see the solution in action and ask questions.

ASF Intermodal tested the BigRoad Mobile App, BigRoad Web App, and DashLink ELD at one of their depots. It was an instant hit with both owner-operators and fleet managers. Drivers loved the plug-and-play installation of
the DashLink ELD and how effortlessly it recorded their hours-of-service (HOS) and tracked compliance. Plus, there was no expensive upfront cost for hardware.

Fleet managers and dispatchers were equally impressed with the BigRoad Web App. With a constant stream of real-time data from the DashLink ELD and BigRoad Mobile App, office staff accurately tracked truck locations, improving the coordination of drivers and deliveries. Moreover, the BigRoad solution helped ASF Intermodal create operational efficiency by reducing paperwork and manual data entry.

Allowing our drivers to choose their ELD solution was the best decision. With strong driver acceptance and adoption, we’ve rolled out BigRoad’s electronic logging device across our fleet very quickly,” notes Hall. “More importantly, our fleet of owner-operators and dispatchers are now working together under the same solution.

BigRoad Can Help You On the Road to Compliance

Our solutions are designed for drivers; from the user-friendly BigRoad Mobile App, to the portable DashLink ELD, BigRoad helps drivers make the most of their day,” added Jake McGuire, Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success at BigRoad. “It’s the reason why BigRoad is the favorite solution provider among drivers, especially owner-operators.

Get your fleet on the road to compliance with our DashLink ELD – the easiest and most affordable ELD compliance solution available! Request a demo to see DashLink in action today!