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Are the HOS rules change causing drivers to quit?

Since the July 1st HOS rules change, truckers everywhere have been taking a stand against the new provisions. 

In an article written by Kevin Jones for CCJ online, the issue was brought up that drivers are actually leaving their jobs… and can you really blame them? Many feel that the rules are restricting drivers and their ability to perform their jobs efficiently. Dave Osiecki, ATA senior vice president of policy and regulatory affairs brought up a good point in saying that “driving the most experienced professionals out of the industry can’t be and effective way to improve safety.” Seems like a pretty straight forward point.

Derek Leathers, President and COO of Werner Enterprises, was also featured in this article and brought up an obvious argument: “The facts of the matter are that if you look at accidents in your fleet, right turns are the most common, but entrance and exits from onramps and merging into traffic is always in the top five,” Leathers said. “We simply are requiring drivers to enter and exit more than they did before July 1, period. I have a hard time believing that’s safer.”

Either way you look at it, it is clear that the 30 minute rest breaks are not winning anyone over and pushing industry veterans and professionals over the edge and causing them to give up the life on the road.

Truckers quitting HOS