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Are small fleets being unfairly targeted?

The following article written by Tod Dills (March 14, 2013), outlines major issues with regards to how independent owners are being unfairly targeted. According to the article, independent owners’ trucks are 4 times more likely to get inspected than carriers with more than 500 trucks. Not only that, “the likelihood of being placed out of service is three and a half times as great for independent drivers – and almost twice as likely for their vehicles – compared to those of the biggest fleets,” (Dills).

Are CSA scoring methods and system to blame? Overdrive polled its readers on what are thought to be the major problems with CSA. 22% of those polled claimed that the “deterioration of law enforcement/driver relationship” was the biggest issue, followed closely by “DataQ’s challenge process ignores due process of law” (20% of readers polled). 

What’s your opinion? Do you have the same complaints?

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