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Are human truckers being replaced?!

Truck “drones” have been hitting the road recently and have been causing quite a stir. Confused drivers have reported seeing truck drivers on mobile phones, sipping a cup of coffee and even watching TV. In some cabs, there is no driver at all! Of course there is a logical explanation for this.. right?!

Truck platooning is the name that has been given to this phenomenon. “The technology behind it “aims to create semi-autonomous road trains, where convoys of vehicles enter a snaking train of vehicles under the command of the lead vehicle. The drivers of the “drones” are then free to do whatever they like – read a book, take a nap or just sit. When they are ready to leave, the driver takes back control and exits the train. In theory the technology offers several benefits, such as cutting down on accidents and improving fuel efficiency.”

Not sure how this new technology could benefit owner operators…

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