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April Poll Results


Every month we’re running a poll to gain and share insight on various topics within the transportation industry. Simply share your opinion and you’ll be entered into a draw to win a BigRoad On The Road Prize Pack! Poll results and winners are announced at the end of each month. Our May Poll is now posted. Submit your answers for a chance to win! 


April Poll Results: Technology In Your Cab
Congratulations to our April Poll Winner – Derek at Rozenboom LLC! We’ll be mailing out your BigRoad On the Road Prize Pack soon!

For our April Poll, we asked you about what technology you and your fleet use in the cab of your trucks. We recieved an awesome response – even better than last month! See what your peers had to say! 


First we asked people what type of cell phone they’re using when on the road. The top three major providers were clear favorites, making up almost 90% of all phones used! iPhone was the most commonly used with Android devices being a very close second.


Next we asked people about tablets. Not surprisingly, 32% of people don’t use a tablet at all while driving. Cell phones remain the most popular device option.

Of the people who do use a tablet, Samsung and Apple devices were tied for the most used at 22% of participants each. This is great to keep in mind when you’re looking at what type of device (cell phone or tablet) you should be using. 

Lastly we asked if drivers are running an electronic logbook app, like the BigRoad Mobile App, on their cell phone, tablet, or both types of devices. More than half of people are running an app on a cell phone only. This matches up with the response we got from our first questions (majority of people only use a cell phone). 

Q3.pngSuprisingly, 15% of respondents aren’t using an electronic logbook app yet! If you’re looking to try electronic logging for the first time, or are looking to try something new, give the BigRoad Mobile App a try!

It’s completely free for drivers. Text yourself the app by entering your phone number here.

If you’re like many people we’re talking to, you’re looking to learn more about the electronic logging device (ELD) solutions that are available. BigRoad’s got your back! Check out our ELD-ready DashLink solution and get on the path to ELD compliance today! We guarantee you’ll be fully ELD compliant, at no extra cost to you, well before the ELD mandate deadline. Why wait? Check out a demo today!

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