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An Exciting New Feature for BigRoad: California Farm Rules

If you’ve been waiting for a specific rule set to be added to the BigRoad app, you just might be in luck! California 112hr/8day cycle farm rules have just been added to the Android version of BigRoad trucking app.

For those who work with California intrastate farm products, meaning any driver “when transporting farm products from the field to the first point of processing or packing” can make use of the following shift and cycle:

  • 16 hours of on duty time (standard for California drivers, even not farm-related)
  • 8 hours to reset shift (instead of the usual 10 hours for California drivers)
  • 112 hours on duty in any 8 consecutive days (this is usually 80 hours)

Setting Your Cycle Rules

Cali_112_rules_screenNo matter which rules set you use, you can quickly set them by following these steps.

Starting from the Home Screen, which displays the Hours of Service clock and the map:

  1. click the three dots in the top right corner
  2. click Settings
  3. click My Profile
  4. click the Rules button
  5. choose out rules set from the list (pictured)

BigRoad Driver ProTip

Which brings me to a really good reminder. BigRoad has all the standard rule sets and we are adding more exemptions all the time. If there’s a rule set you can’t find such as the California rules that state “a driver transporting special situation farm products from the field to the first point of processing or packing, or transporting livestock from pasture to pasture,” you can still keep your logs with BigRoad.

Just calculate your extra exemptions the same way you would on paper. You figure out how many hours you have and use the app to record your logs. Instead of relying on the app to calculate your hours, you just log it based on your own knowledge and ignore the app’s warnings if you know you’re in the clear. It’s still much easier than on paper. Email [email protected] if you need help with this.

Comment below with your suggestion of which rule sets and exemptions we should add next. What’s most important to you?