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All I Want for Christmas is an ELD


Electronic logging devices (ELDs) are more than just a government mandated piece of equipment. They offer a lot of benefits that’ll make your life easier! Give the gift that just keeps giving this Christmas….an ELD!

The Perfect Gift

Electronic logging devices are kind of like socks. You don’t want to get socks as a Christmas gift. But, you know you need them and have put off buying them yourself throughout the year. Am I right? Why not ask for an ELD this Christmas?

The Gift That Just Keeps Giving

Switch to electronic logging devices now and take advantage of the benefits they offer. Check out the top 5 reasons why you’ll be happy about getting an ELD for Christmas:

1. Time to Transition

TimeCountdown.jpgThe countdown is on! Using a paper or electronic logbook? You’ve got less than one year to switch to an electronic logging device. 363 days to be exact!

Using an ELD to track your hours-of-service isn’t difficult but it is different. Give yourself lots of time to become comfortable with the changes before it’s forced upon you. You’ll also be eliminating the paperwork that we all know you love doing!

2. HOS Compliance

We work with many fleets that made the transition to ELDs months ago. Why would they do this? ELDs can actually improve safety and your hours-of-service compliance. ELDs prevent many hours-of-service violations from happening. Let’s face it, nobody’s perfect and human error plays a big role in trucking. ELDs automate information collection resulting in creating perfect logs every time! Perfect logs results in fewer violations, faster inspections, fewer accidents, and safer roads.

Better.jpg3. Improved CSA Score

Everyone wants to know how to improve their CSA score. Get a little help from your electronic logging device! ELDs can have a very positive impact on your CSA score. How? By preventing form & manner and outdated log violations! These violations make up almost 25% of all roadside violations. They can also reduce your score by 5 points per violation.

The sooner you transition to ELDs, the better! When calculating your score, you’re compared to carriers with a similar number of safety events. If they’re still on paper logs, they’re at risk of many violations that are impossible for you to get when using an ELD. This definitely gives you a leg up!

4. Cost Saving

One of the biggest objections we hear about ELDs is the perceived high cost. But is it actually that high? If you think about it, ELDs will end up saving you money! A couple of ways ELDs will save you money are:

  • Preventing fines for HOS violations
  • Reducing the number of office staff needed (no auditing logs)
  • You don’t need to buy paper logbooks
  • Improving your fuel mileage
  • Improving your insurance rates

Time.png5. Be More Efficient

ELDs have the ability to make your job a lot easier and make you more productive!

  • Stop doing paperwork and log auditing
  • Improve communication between drivers and fleet managers
  • Enable better route planning and scheduling
  • Track driver performance and help them when needed
  • Prevent violations before they happen
  • Automate time consuming reporting

How BigRoad Can Help!

I don’t know about you, but this makes me want an ELD for Christmas! Request a demo today to see why BigRoad’s DashLink ELD is Santa’s pick for the #1 electronic logging device this Christmas!