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A Guide To Understanding Yard Move And Personal Conveyance 

A hot topic currently is how does engine-connected hardware required for ELD log special driving events like yard move and personal conveyance? Will they eat into my available drive time? BigRoad has the answers!

Will Special Driving Events Like Yard Move And Personal Conveyance Reduce My Available Drive Time?

Special driving events include situations when you need to move your truck a few meters in a parking lot or use the vehicle to drive yourself home after work. Your truck is moving, but you don’t want to eat into your available drive time.

Well, we’ve got some good news for you. The FMCSA has outlined special driving categories for yard move and personal conveyance to ensure these situations do not count towards your available driving time. ELD providers will need to make these options available in their solution.

Yard Move Explained

What Is Yard Move And When Can I Use It?

Yard move is designed for those moments when you’re moving your truck, but you’re not really driving”. An example of this is when you’ve been asked to move a few metres in a parking lot or you’re picking up a load and you need to get a bit closer to the loading dock.

How Does Yard Move Impact My Logs?

When you use the yard move feature, you will still be logged as on-duty. However, the time you spend in yard move will not cut into your available drive time.

Is There A Limit To How Much Yard Move Time I Can Use?

With BigRoad, you can use yard move for 5 miles at a time with no maximum speed.

How Do I Use Yard Move With BigRoad?

It’s easy! To use yard move, select the duty status that says ‘Begin Yard Move’. You can do this from the main page in the BigRoad Mobile App. Note that your fleet manager must enable Yard Move for you in the BigRoad Web App.

Personal Conveyance Explained

What Is Personal Conveyance And When Can I Use It?

Personal conveyance is when you use your truck for personal transport. For example: when you’re finished work for the day (so, off-duty) and you drive your truck home.

The FMCSA is very strict about when you can use personal conveyance. You must be:

  • Relieved from work and all responsibility for performing work
  • Driving an unladen vehicle
  • Driving to and/or from your home to your regular work reporting location
  • Traveling short distances from your en route lodgings (such as en route terminals or motels) to restaurants in the vicinity of these lodgings

NOTE: If you use your commercial motor vehicle (CMV) for transportation home, but you’re called by your employing carrier and then dispatched from home, this is considered on-duty from the time you leave home.

Driver on the road

How Does Personal Conveyance Affect My Logs?

When using personal conveyance, you will be logged as off-duty driving. This will not impact your drive, shift, or cycle time at all.

Is There A Limit To How Much Personal Conveyance Time I Can Use?

There is no limit in the US. However, it’s important to be cautious when using personal conveyance. If it looks like you’re using it too much, you might be questioned during a roadside inspection.

In Canada, the limit for Personal Conveyance is 75 km per day.

How Do I Use Personal Conveyance With BigRoad?

To use personal conveyance, select the duty status that says ‘Begin Personal Conveyance’. You can do this from the main page in the BigRoad Mobile App. Note that your fleet manager must enable Personal Conveyance for you in the BigRoad Web App.

How BigRoad Can Help
Ready to easily log yard move and personal conveyance? BigRoad is here to help! Our DashLink ELD is the simplest and most affordable ELD solution available. Book a free demo by clicking on the button below: