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8 Comments From BigRoad’s Customers in 2017

CustomerReview2017-BlogHeader (2).png2017 has been quite a year for BigRoad! We’ve met lots of wonderful new customers – and helped many of our existing customers expand their compliance solutions! It’s always nice to hear about how positively BigRoad has impacted our customers’ operations. Read the blog to see what some of them have said about us this year!

What BigRoad’s Customers Say About Us

BigRoad has always prided ourselves in putting our customers first, so throughout the year our marketing team conducted interviews with some of the people who rely on BigRoad everyday to achieve regulatory compliance to garner some feedback. Here’s what they said about us…

BigRoad is Easy to Use
BigRoad Ease of UseEven drivers who aren’t comfortable with technology love BigRoad because of how easy it is to use! BigRoad’s DashLink is simple to connect to their vehicle’s and the BigRoad Mobile App are very intuitive and driver-friendly. Here are some customers who loved BigRoad’s ease-of-use:

“BigRoad is the best solution available for drivers, it was built for them! Our drivers found the DashLink ELD to be the easiest to use and they felt comfortable right away – which is very important. The fact that BigRoad also has a fleet management solution and really took the time to understand our needs sets them apart. While we tried others, our transition to electronic logging devices with BigRoad went better than we could have ever hoped for!”
Phil Cox, Safety and Compliance Manager at Bemidji Bus Lines

 “With BigRoad, I picked up my phone and started to use the BigRoad Mobile App. With zero training, I just got it! I’m not computer savvy at all. If I can figure this out, anyone can.” – Mike Buckingham Owner-Operator at Crossroads Transportation

“I love BigRoad. Their DashLink ELD has made logging so much easier for me. I just turn on the truck and off it goes. Plus, their service is amazing – right up there with the Ritz Hotel!”
Rory Turnage, Owner-Operator at ROR CORPS LLC

BigRoad Makes Compliance A Breeze
BigRoad Simplifies ComplianceDrivers and fleets choose BigRoad to help them achieve regulatory compliance effortlessly! With BigRoad’s solutions, our customers see cleaner
logs, and an overall reduction in violations – which goes a long way in improving and maintaining CSA scores! Here is what people said this year about
how easy BigRoad makes achieving compliance:

“The developers and I must think alike, because BigRoad really was the easiest to use. I can use the dashboard to see if my guy is in danger of getting a violation, and if he is, send him a note to warn him so that he can fix it. With BigRoad, I don’t have to know every nuance of DOT compliance anymore, because it’s taken care of for me. That’s a huge comfort. So, would I recommend BigRoad to anyone in a similar situation to me? Absolutely! I would ask them what they’re waiting for!”
Glenn Long, Owner at Long Road Racing

“When one of our drivers got pulled over for a roadside inspection, the
Trooper was so impressed with the ease-of-use, functionality, and interface –
he actually took down the name of the app and said he was going to let the other Troopers know about it and would start suggesting it to drivers whose logs weren’t as good as BigRoad. From a driver standpoint, BigRoad is one of, if not the easiest,
electronic logbooks to use. You’ll be hooked once you give it a try!”

Ryan McCrea, Fleet Manager at Bee Line Transport Inc.

BigRoad Simplifies Operations
BigRoad Helps Manage OperationsEven before fleets turned to BigRoad to help them achieve ELD mandate compliance, they looked to our solutions to help them reduce their paperwork, better manage their fleet, and facilitate their operations. Here is what some of our customers said this year about how easy BigRoad made their jobs!

BigRoad enabled us to transform our operations. Our logs are now completely clean, we have no violations, and my drivers enjoy using BigRoad much more than having to fill out paper logs. It’s a great change!”
Travis Gillard, Account Manager at WAT Supplies

“Using BigRoad has absolutely helped ease my workload. It’s made a big difference to my day not having to deal with paper logs or log auditing. BigRoad picks up on form-and-manner errors, gives my drivers a heads-up that they are approaching an hours-of-service violation, and tells them when it’s time to take their breaks. Each day the number of errors that we see decreases, and that has really helped us stay on top of our compliance.
Mike Cotter, Safety Manager at Unimark Transport

The impact of our business from BigRoad is that it’s easier for drivers to complete their daily logs, there is less paper, and reporting is much more accurate,” explains Phil. “They get the accuracy they need and it’s very easy to use. They know exactly how much time is left in their cycle each day. It takes the guesswork out of logging for them by ensuring they are completing all of the required fields.”
Phil Heard, President at PHTS Logistics Inc.

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