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7 Common Questions about BigRoad’s DashLink ELD

We’ve received some great questions about using our DashLink ELD and the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate in general. We thought it would be a good idea to share the answers on the blog. Check out this post to learn some helpful tips!

Common ELD Question Answered

In the trucking industry, things can get complicated. Rules and regulations are constantly changing and the upcoming ELD mandate has caused a lot of confusion about the newly required engine-connected technology. At BigRoad, we want to help you manage this change and come out the other side in one piece. We love it when customers ask us questions and we actively encourage them to do so! The following questions are ones that have been asked frequently over the past few months:

Q1. Do I need to keep my phone plugged in when using DashLink ELD?

A. Yes! It’s very important that your phone remains plugged in while you’re using DashLinkThe Bluetooth connection is strongest when your phone is fully charged, which allows DashLink to run smoothly. If your phone is running on low battery, one of the first things it automatically reduces is your Bluetooth connection. 

Man with cell phone in his handWhen Bluetooth connection is reduced, it makes it difficult for DashLink to run properly. Pro Tip: Our Support Team recommends that you keep your phone plugged in the whole time you’re driving with DashLink. This will ensure that your phone remains charged and the Bluetooth connection is strong, allowing DashLink to run smoothly.

Q2. Can I leave DashLink in my truck when it’s really hot or really cold outside?

A. Our DashLink has been designed to be very durable, meaning that it can handle pretty extreme weather. We’ve done extensive testing on the device from our end and never encountered any issues. That being said, if it’s insanely cold out (like -20C without wind chill), the DashLink might be a little bit slow when you first get it online. 

Q3. Can I be signed into the BigRoad Mobile App on more than once device at a time?

A. No! You should only be signed into the BigRoad Mobile App on one device at a time. If you’re signed into BigRoad on more than one device at a time (example: your cell phone and your tablet), the DashLink will try to connect to both devices. This will confuse the DashLink and it won’t be able to connect to either device properly.

The app will constantly switch you back and forth between ‘On Duty, Not Driving’ and ‘Driving’, or just not let you move to ‘Driving’ at all. As a general rule of thumb, you should always sign out of BigRoad Mobile App when you’re done driving for the day. This will reduce the likelihood of you being signed into more than once device at a time.

Q4. Can DashLink ELD shut down my truck if I accidentially go over my hours?

A. Absolutely not – DashLink does not control you truck. DashLink is an engine-connected logging device that automatically tracks your hours-of-service. It does not have the ability to shut down your truck, even if you go over your hours. Truck driver at the wheel of a truckFurthermore, no one else has control of your truck when you have an ELD installed – the only person who can shut down your truck is you, the driver. Similarly, no one will be able to see your logs unless you’ve given them permission to. If you’re part of a fleet, only your fleet manager or dispatcher will be able to see your logs. 


Q5. How and when do I use personal conveyance and yard move properly with DashLink ELD?

A. Personal conveyance, simply put, is any personal trip you make during your off-duty time using your unladen vehicle. You can log this time as ‘Off Duty’. To use personal conveyance, select the duty status that says ‘Begin Personal Use’. You can do this from the main page in the BigRoad Mobile App.

Yard move is designed for the times when you’re parked in a yard and asked to move your vehicle, you need to move to accommodate other drivers, or you’re making small moves in a shipping yard. You just need to move a little bit and aren’t really “driving”. Yard move allows you to move your vehicle a short distance – with BigRoad this is 5 miles at a time with no maximum speed. You are able to use multiple instances of yard move if you require it. If you run DashLink as an AOBRDyard move will not impact your driving time.

To use yard move, select the duty status that says ‘Begin Yard Move’. You can do this from the main page in the BigRoad Mobile App.

Q6. Can DashLink ELD accommodate team driving?

A. Absolutely! We have a great online document that describes the team driving function really well. You can find it hereSome key things to remember about team driving:

Download BigRoad's team driving guide

  • Make sure that only one of you is signed in at a time. Whoever is riding in the passenger seat needs to be signed out – whoever is driving needs to be signed in.
  • When you sign in and connect to DashLink, do your pre-trip inspection. Before you sign out, do your post trip. The second driver will follow this exact same process when they start to drive. Because each driver is logged into their own account each time they drive, their mileage will be calculated separately.

Q7. I’m a motor coach driver and can’t seem to find the right port to plug

DashLink ELD into?

A. Motor coaches often have three diagnostic ports (including one in the baggage area). One of these ports is for the manufacturer only and will not work with the DashLink. So, if you’re driving a motor coach and DashLink doesn’t work when you plug it in, try another port!

How BigRoad Helps Drivers

BigRoad’s DashLink ELD is the #1 choice for electronic logging device (ELD) mandate compliance. Why? Because it’s simple, affordable, and flexible – the way compliance should be! 

Request a demo to learn more about how BigRoad can help you easily achieve ELD mandate compliance.