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6 Things to Expect When Moving from eLogs to ELDs

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You’ve probably been using eLogs for a while now, but with the ELD mandate deadline quickly approaching, it’s about time to make the switch to electronic logging devices. If you’re considering upgrading from eLogs to an ELD, here are 6 differences you should expect to see.

6 Things To Expect When Moving From eLogs to ELDs

Untitled presentation-1.jpg1. You’ll Connect to Your Fleet First

You will need to select your vehicle from your fleet’s list before you hit the road. With BigRoad, it’s simple; just open the app and select your vehicle from the list.

2. Way More Automation

You won’t need to set your status to Driving with DashLink ELD installed. If you are
on-duty, and your vehicle is moving faster than 5 MPH, the ELD will automatically set your status to On-Duty Driving. However, if you are operating your vehicle on your own time and without freight, you’ll want to manually change your status to Personal Conveyance. You can even select Yard Move mode if you need to move your vehicle a short distance on-duty, and you don’t want it to affect your drive time.

3. Driving Time Will Be Firmtime-1246003__340.jpg

The ELD mandate specifies that no changes can be made to a driving period. This will be difficult for many drivers to get used to – mistakes happen! The good news is that if you adopt an ELD solution – like DashLink ELD -before the mandate takes effect, you will still have some flexibility with your logs until December 16, 2019! You can wait until then to make the switch to full compliance, or make the move sooner if you’re comfortable.

4. You’ll Have Better Location Tracking

When you upgrade to an ELD, you won’t have to rely on your device or service provider for GPS tracking – it will be built right into the device! This means you’ll get more accurate and reliable vehicle location tracking. Whether you want to find route efficiencies, or you’d like to give your drivers real-time route advice based on traffic and weather conditions, you can count on your ELD to give you dependable, real-time information.

iStock_000000088034_Medium copy.jpg5. You Won’t Need an In-Cab Printer  

In-cab printers can be a nuisance, most fleets and drivers will be relieved to not have to use them anymore! When you upgrade to DashLink ELD, you won’t need a printer. It will connect via BlueTooth to the BigRoad Mobile App and you’ll be able to instantly display your logs to the inspecting DOT officer, or if requested, send them through email,
fax or remote printing.

6. Reporting Will Be Easier

An ELD will enable you to create accurate and convenient reports for yourself or your fleet. Using your GPS location data and odometer reading, the electronic logging device will calculate your mileage by state or province, and it will only take a few simple steps to pull accurate date – making IFTA and driver hour reporting a whole lot easier!

Get on the Path to Compliance 

Dashlink ELD was designed to offer drivers and fleets a simple, reliable, and affordable compliance solution. It works seamlessly with the BigRoad Mobile App and Web App. If you haven’t tried our mobile app, download it for free on iTunes or Google Play! To learn how DashLink can improve your business, request a demo!