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5 Ways to EARN MORE With The BigRoad Referral Program

5 Wyas to Earn more with the BigRoad Referral ProgramThe BigRoad Referral Program enables you to earn BIG rewards while you recommend a trusted ELD solution to your friends – and they’ll even earn rewards too! But it will take a little help from you to get the ball rolling so that you can earn more. Read the blog to learn some simple steps you can take to increase your referral earnings!

5 Sharing Tips To Earn More Referral Rewards

With the BigRoad Referral Program – it pays to have friends! If you haven’t heard, you can earn a $75 reward for each trucker friend you refer to BigRoad when they use your unique referral link to purchase a DashLink ELD. We’ll even give them a $25 reward! Do you want to maximize the rewards you earn? Follow these 5 simple steps to get the most out of the BigRoad Referral Program:

1. Share More, Earn More!
Share frequently and through various channels! The more people who see your referral recommendation, the more likely they are to click on your link to purchase a DashLink.
You can post messages on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles through the automated messaging in your personal BigRoad Referral Portal. Need help accessing your portal? It’s easy!

Referral Portal Sharing Steps Outlined

  1. Go to Enter your email address and the password you were provided when you registered. Forgot your password? Click on the Forgot Password link to reset it to something easier to remember!
  2. Once you’re in, you’ll be brought to your dashboard where you can track your progress and instantly share your referral link through email and social media with a click of a button
  3. On the top left corner, you will find your unique URL. You can also share by copying and pasting this into emails and text messages!

2. Tell Them About Our New Bonus Incentive!
Get 3 Months Free Bonus Incentive

For a limited time, BigRoad is giving new customers 3 MONTHS FREE when they purchase a DashLink ELD on a one-year term, paid upfront! That means they are getting 15 months for the price of 12! Plus, if they purchase a DashLink ELD now using your referral link, they’ll also get a $25 GIFT CARD through the BigRoad Referral Program, and you’ll earn your $75 GIFT CARD! There is something in it for everyone!

3. Personalize It!
DashLink ELD and Mobile App Running BigRoad
We’ve created some messaging in the automated sharing messages for you, but it’s always more meaningful for them to hear from you why they should purchase a DashLink ELD using your referral code! Here are some benefits you can start with:

  • BigRoad’s DashLink ELD was designed with drivers in mind! It’s easy-to-use; the DashLink ELD is a plug-and-play solution that can be installed in minutes! With it, drivers can create clean, inspectable logs with just a few taps.
  • It’s flexible! BigRoad’s DashLink can be used as an ELD, or a more flexible AOBRD – both of which will have you running in compliance with the mandate! If you run an AOBRD now, you can continue to use it for 2 years before transitioning to an ELD.
  • Best of all, it’s affordable! DashLink is the most affordable ELD on the market for owner-operators. It’s just $19.50/month for owner-operators, with no upfront hardware expense. In fact, we even have some incentive programs to sweeten the pot! 

4. Word-of-Mouth Works!
Trucks at a Gas Station
If you run into your trucker friends on the road, tell them about the DashLink in person! Talk about the benefits, why you love BigRoad, and how they can earn a $25 REWARD by purchasing a DashLink through your unique referral link. Then send them a message with your link and direct them 
to purchase a DashLink through it.

They’ll be much more likely to follow the link to purchase their own DashLink if they talk to you about it in person. You can even print off your referral code and carry some copies with you to hand to your friends after you’ve talked to them!

5. Follow Up!Young Truck Driver on the Phone with a Friend

Don’t drop the ball if you know that one of your friends could really benefit from using BigRoad’s DashLink. Once you’ve shared your referral code through email or your social media channels, follow-up with the people you’ve referred. Ask them if they got your referral link and tell them about how great DashLink is! Let your friends know about the BigRoad Referral Program and how BigRoad’s pricing structure and incentive programs, like the BigRoad Referral Program, can help make ELDs more affordable for them!

Not Part Of the BigRoad Referral Program? Join Now!
Are you ready to start earning some money off of the ELD mandate? Don’t wait! Register for the BigRoad Referral Program and start earning BIG rewards today!