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3 Things That Make Ultra-Effective Fleet Managers

What is it that separates the good fleet managers from the great?

Really, it all depends on the situation and individual business needs, but here, we’ve boiled it down to 3 things that apply almost universally and how you can practically implement them as a fleet manager yourself.


As a fleet manager you’re at the heart of it all. From driver performance to vehicle maintenance, everything is likely to come across your desk.

So, being able to effectively prioritize and, if needed, delegate tasks can mean the difference between rising to the top and struggling to stay afloat.

But what does that mean, in a practical sense? How do you become a good multitasker?

Well, here’s a (potentially) controversial take: there are no good multitaskers. In fact, some researchers suggest that multi-tasking can actually reduce your productivity by up to 40%.

There are those who accept their limits and those who don’t.

Understanding your own limits is what allows you to be honest with yourself and those around you. It means you can set expectations about what you’re able to achieve with the resources you have, so you’re not going to end up letting those around you, or yourself, down.

Of course, you can always add to your own abilities, by letting technology do some of the hard work, like fleet management task tracking software for instance.

With task management software you can assign tasks as they come in, so they don’t sit in your inbox for any longer than needed. You can track activities and stay updated on their progress. And you can create digital forms, so your people in the field can collect signatures securely.

Embrace Technology

While it’s possible to do good things with Excel spreadsheets and email, fleet management technology has moved way beyond that. To become an ultra-effective fleet manager, you need to have an open-minded stance on technology.

There was a time when advanced fleet tracking technology, like Electronic Logging Devices and video telematics were only for the very largest of fleet businesses. Fortune 500 companies, with billions of dollars to throw at a problem.

But those days are long gone.

As more businesses, of all shapes and sizes, have adopted this technology, costs have been driven down substantially.

This means that every fleet manager should be looking at ways today’s technology can give them the edge over their competition.

In terms of practically embracing technology, this is really a mindset. Do you view technology as a help or hinderance? There are always areas where that personal touch will be needed, but recognizing where, and how, technology can help will make you a better fleet manager.

Stay Informed

Legislation and laws are constantly evolving, so keep abreast of upcoming changes, so you and your fleet are prepared, well in advance.

We suggest you subscribe to industry-leading fleet management blogs (hint: you’re already reading one of them, so why not add us to your bookmarks, while you’re here).

We also suggest keeping an eye out for the latest industry research. Fleet management and tracking whitepapers can give you a look at both the big picture and what’s happening detail.

BigRoad is already helping thousands of fleet managers around the world become ultra-effective masters of their craft. From Fortune 500 corporations to small, local businesses, we’ve got the tools, insight, and experience to help fleets thrive. Get in touch and let’s talk.

Too long; didn’t read

Too busy to go through this whole article? Just skimmed through and looking for gist? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a short summary of the article if you’re in a rush:

  • Get better at multitasking by understanding your limits and prioritizing effectively
  • Embrace technology to give yourself that competitive edge
  • Stay informed so you’re always prepared for legislative and legal changes