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3 Reasons to Start Using BigRoad Freight

f you’re not using BigRoad Freight yet, what are you waiting for? BigRoad Freight is an in-app load-matching platform built within the BigRoad Mobile App. It enables drivers and fleets to book the loads that they want and get paid faster, all while tracking their hours-of-service (HOS) availability.

3 Reasons You Should Sign Up For BigRoad Freight

1. Book the Loads You Want, When You Want

With BigRoad Freight, you can choose the loads that work for you. Loads are suggested to you via-push notification inside the BigRoad Mobile App. The suggested loads are based on your GPS coordinates and your available drive time. That means that each load has been suggested specifically for you and your typical driving routes – making them perfect for you! 

Loads are served up to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can always see what is available to you in real-time! If you’re available and ready to work, you can accept the load instantly. If you’re busy or you need a rest, you can reject it and pick up the next one. It’s that easy,

2. Keep More Money in Your Pockets
Are you tired of haggling with shippers and brokers? Or giving a cut of your hard-earned cash to a middleman? With BigRoad Freight, you don’t have to! When a load is suggested to you through BigRoad Freight, you will see exactly how much it pays before you accept it. Plus, there are no hidden fees – what you see on the screen is what you will be paid.

You can get paid directly, not through a third-party, so you don’t need to chase people for a cheque, or wonder how long you have to wait to get paid. You can also get paid faster! For a small fee, you can opt-in to get paid in just a few days.

3. Track Your Hours-of-Service (HOS) Availability and Awareness
With BigRoad Freight, loads are suggested to you based on your available drive time. If you don’t have enough hours available, you won’t see the load. So, you can accept loads without worrying about whether they will put you at risk of a violation. You can also see how each load will affect your drive time and plan your schedule effectively.

Do you need to comply with the ELD mandate? BigRoad Freight works within the BigRoad Mobile App, our free electronic logbook app, which pairs via Bluetooth with BigRoad’s DashLink ELD. Together these solutions work together to create clean, compliant logs. When you use BigRoad Freight with DashLink ELD, you know that the loads you choose will keep you running in compliance with the ELD mandate.

What Are You Waiting For? Sign Up Now!

Are you ready to book the loads you want, when you want, keep more money in your pocket, and book loads that comply with your hours-of-service rules? With BigRoad Freight you’re in control of your money, your truck, and your compliance. Get started today! Click the button below to sign up now.