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“20% off Truckers!”

Levi’s has dubbed the classic denim jacket a new name! They are now to be referred to as “Trucker Jackets,” according to the clothing giant.  Don’t be too offended truckers, have you ever heard of the Canadian Tuxedo? Denim on denim… 

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Original Blog Post – Tod Dills,

No, this post isn’t about some back-page classified from a fly-by-night broker using cheap-freight, low-pay carrier scabs to entice unknowing shippers — it’s another installment in the annals of U.S. fashion here on the Channel 19 blog. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

“Who’s got Truckers?” asked the subject line of a recent email blasted out from the fine folks at Levi Strauss & Co. They then answered their own question: “We do, with 20% off!” Open the email and you get a description of the truckers in question that sounds a little too good to be true, at that: “An essential, always-in-style, object of devotion…”

Trucker LeviIf only.

You may well recall my little paean to the classic raw-denim Levi’s Trucker jacket, which according to a GQ reporter some fine and smart folks in Japan started calling the Trucker jacket after witnessing the jackets put to best, faded use among U.S. highway haulers. Truth be told, before I wrote that post I wasn’t aware of the jacket’s “Trucker” moniker — like most Levi’s products, the version I have (as well as previous versions in my long-gone youth) is thankfully low on company/name marketing, containing only the little red Levi’s tag on the pocket and interior standard brown Levi’s tag stitched in. In any case, should you be in the market for one, you’ve got through tomorrow to get 20 percent off at the company’s website.

But here’s a quick tip: If you get caught wearing it like the guy in the ad, you might well get hazed at the truck stop or on the CB. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

And happy Thursday hauling!