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13 Best Caption This Photos: BigRoad Edition

Caption This: BigRoad EditionOur weekly Caption This Contest has turned into a fun tradition for the BigRoad Team and our followers. Every Friday for the past 13 weeks, we post a new photo and ask our followers to write a caption for it. We announce the winner of the contest the following Monday!  

Caption This Recap

Every week the BigRoad Team gets to start off their Monday having a good laugh and picking the best caption. We’ve had so much fun seeing what our awesome followers come up with. So far, our winners have won BigRoad toques, tumblers, t-shirts, pens and other swag. 

We’ve seen some creative captions and picking a winner isn’t always easy. We have a lot of people who participate and it’s always a close call. Without further adieu, here are the 13 best caption this photos:

1. “I’m into fitness, fittin this truck under that bridge” – Tony 

We Fit Truck

2. “Uhm boss you’re not gonna believe this but the truck threw up again” – Derrick

Roundabout Truck Spill

3. “Here we are privileged to witness this beautiful gift of nature, as the pregnant semi is about to give birth to her first offspring.” – Vincente

Truck hauling a truck

4. “Autobots Transform!” – Rick

Trucking Fails

5. “Ship you say…” – Laura

Trucking Boat

6. “But officer, I was just trying to deliver this bridge and I ran out of fuel.” – Laura

On the road to success truck fail

7. “I’ve always wanted to be a pole dancer.” – Ron


8. “They were telling the truth when they said haul anything…” – Lawrence

Funny trucking fail

9. “Let the goodtimes roll!” – Frank

Fire breathing truck

10. “I swear they were all eggs when I left…” – Stephen

Trucking Fail

11. “I think I’ll go for a drive, fresh air will do me good.” – John

Funny truck driver fail

12. “You blinked!” – Doug

Parking fail

13. “We believe alcohol was a factor in the crash.” – Luz

Top trucking spill

A big thank you to everyone who participates, we look forward to seeing more Caption This comments! Stay tuned every Friday for more chances to win.

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