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10 Things Many People Do Not Know About Trucking | Part 1

Guest Author,

Davis Lores
Founder, Truck Driver Center

Trucking is considered to be a huge industry in the United States. Many of us rely on truckers to get the goods and services we need.

According to American Trucking Association survey, trucks move more than 70% of freight in the U.S. transporting almost 12 billion tons in 2018.

So what many people do not know about trucking? Here are 10 things that you may not know about being a truck driver.

1. Drivers Have Education

close up of a  blank white  book on white backgroundUSA Census Bureau estimated that 35% of the professional drivers who have been driving trucks for more than seven years have an extended education, and are trained in driving professions.

This number goes up to 45% of drivers who have been driving trucks fewer than five years.



2. More Than 80% of Americans Depend on Trucks For Delivery
(Source: ATA)

Whether you are shopping in-person or online, the things you order have to be packaged, Men working for a moving services company unloading a sofa from a truckshipped, and delivered from the seller to your doorstep.

If you are buying groceries, clothes, or even ordering books online, all of this can be delivered by truck.

This is especially true for rural areas that may not have a local airport or train station. That’s where trucking comes in.

For more than 80% of the United States, trucking is the only way to get their goods and the things they order.



3. Trucking Won’t Make You Rich

business success - man with lots of money smiling

Some people think with long working hours that truck drivers are rich.

Truckers earn a median annual wage of $37,930, which is $4,000 more than the median wage for all jobs, according to the BLS. Only the top 10% of truck drivers make more than $58,000 per year.

You may think that the time invested is lucrative but it doesn’t often turn into a big payout. It’s a thing you need to know and accept before starting your driving career.

The expenses while driving have increased which that cuts into your bottom line.

There is no $2 breakfast anymore; nowadays it is a $12 breakfast. The only thing you can do with the $2 is to have your coffee and nothing else.

What if you are a truck owner operator, can you become rich?  It is tough to get rich these days if you are an owner operator, because the cost of maintaining and repairing a truck has gone too high. 

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4. Truck Driving is One of The Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the United States


Driving can be highly dangerous when staying at the wheel for long hours each day.

Stress, excessive working hours and a low quality of life are among the day-to-day challenges for many truck drivers.

In addition, there is higher potential for accidents which makes the job more risky especially in bad weather conditions.

There is limited time for truck drivers exercise, play sports and limited options for healthy meals on the road.

They even may not find enough time to see the doctor when they need to.

One of the reasons the Department of Transportation highly regulates commercial driving is due to high risk related to the industry.

5. Truckers Work More Unpaid Hours Than Any Other Profession

Truckers that get paid on mileage used to say: “If the wheels ain’t turnin’, you ain’t earnin’”.

So in order to get pay you need to have your wheels running in the road.

hours-highway-truck20071204_0106-2016-09-27-13-51-2You may be working while stopped in traffic but you won’t be paid for it.  Waiting time at some docks can be as long as four to twelve hours, simply because you get paid on mileage.

Most long haul truckers earn a per-mile rate; many without time paid for loading or unloading, without during-work-stopping time, and even break time.

You may find more unpaid hours in trucking than others.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where David will go over trucker responsibilities, relationships and daily miles driven.

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